Slavo’s Slam Dunk Dipping Sauces & Steamed Artichokes

March Madness has gotten to us so we decided to make two slam dunk dipping sauces for steamed artichokes. Seriously, they are super easy to make and a complete game changer when it comes to artichokes.  Enjoy! 


2 fresh artichokes

1/2 cup lemon juice

1 cup mayonnaise

2 Tablespoons Curry powder

2-3 Tablespoons Sriracha Rooster Sauce

Slavo Salt


Place steamer rack in large pot. Fill pot with enough water to come just to bottom of rack and add 2 tablespoons of Slavo Salt to the water. Cut stems 1/2 inches from artichokes. Using scissors cut off pointed tips of leaves. Arrange artichokes on rack. Bring water to boil over high heat. Cover pot; steam artichokes until knife pierces base easily or you can easily pull leaves off, adding more water if necessary, about 45 minutes. If you don't have a steamer pot, you can also just submerge the artichokes in Slavo-Salted water (they will turnout a little brown but still taste great!).

Meanwhile, heat oil in heavy medium saucepan over medium heat. Add garlic and thyme; cook 1 minute. Add lemon juice and butter; whisk until butter melts. Season with Slavo Salt and transfer to serving bowl.

In a second serving bowl, combine 1/2 cup of mayo, Sriracha sauce and mix well. Season with Slavo Salt to taste.

In a 3rd serving bowl, combine 1/2 cup of mayo, 2 tablespoons of curry powder and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix well and season with Slavo Salt to taste.