Slavo was a nickname given to our founder in high school. No one remembers how exactly it came to be, but the name stuck. Slavo is a former chef trained in San Francisco and learned to make seasonings using fresh ingredients while working for some of the top chefs in Dallas, Texas.   In his experience the most common mistake of cooking is the under or over seasoning of food. Slavo Salt Seasonings were created to help enhance the flavor of food without overpowering the natural flavors of the dish. They were originally used as a grill rub on steaks, fish, poultry and vegetables but based on feedback from our fans it became apparent the seasonings could be used on almost anything!    




During his tenure as a professional chef, Slavo created a seasoning consisting of fresh garlic, kosher salt and black peppercorn for personal use. He named it Slavo Salt and over the years the circle of fans grew from family and friends to complete strangers. In 2009 Slavo received an email from a soldier who had served in Iraq with one of his friends. This soldier said that he wanted to purchase a case of Slavo Salt since it was the only thing that made their MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) edible but he didn't know what stores carried it. At that moment Slavo realized that this could be more than a hobby and on that day started to process to create a formal business. Today Slavo Salt has a loyal fan base among foodies, grillers, the gluten-intolerant, paleo and lovers of good food and flavors everywhere.


The uniqueness of Slavo Salt is in its simplicity. Consisting of just fresh heirloom garlic, kosher salt and pepper, it is the preparation that make this product different. Slavo Salt has been small-batched produced and is created to be your 'go-to' seasoning that compliments any dish.  

Based on that foundation, Slavo developed two additional blends; Pure Garlic Salt and Spicy to complete our product line.

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