Our family loves Slavo Salt for a few resons. We hate to admit it, but we are ingredient snobs. As a family who focuses on health, the products we buy are Whole 30 and Paleo approved and of hte highest quality. Slavo Salt is a great way to add flavor to our food without adding processed chemicals and a lot of sugar. The balance of different, simple seasonings makes it easy to add to just about any food!

- Will & Monica Strong

I have thrown out every other seasoning in my spice cabinet! Slavo Salt is my "go-to" seasoning for every meal!

- Blake Sullivan

Who knew something so simple could taste so amazing! Healthy and delicious - I'm hooked!

- Danielle Williams

You can't go wrong with Slavo Salt! I put it on proteins, veggies, pizza...even fruit! My secret is to sprinkle Spicy on melon... yum!

- Sarah Hunt

I am completely addicted to Slavo Salt. I put it on everything except cereal.

- Spencer Sellers

Slavo Salt has quickly replaced my entire spice selection in my cabinet, because all it takes is some Slavo Salt and the Foreman Grill and my girlfriend thinks I'm a gourmet chef. From grilled chicken to burgers to pasta sauce, Slavo Salt makes a regular appearance in my food and is delicious!

- Austin

My kids actually eat veggies now that we use Slavo Salt! This is a miracle!

- Stacey Holly

I literally put Slavo Salt on everything. I'm serious. I cannot live without it!

- Aly


100% money back guarantee (and we have never had one buyer take us up on it!)