Slavo's Portobello Burgers

We love portobello mushrooms!!! They're super versatile and the combinations you can create are endless. In addition to the 'burger' method below, portobellos are great for a simple grilled veggie sandwich (don't worry, we'll share that recipe as wel)l! The key to success with portobellos is to use the inside of the mushroom cap as a 'bowl' to hold your fixin's! It's up to you to choose your preferred fixin's you like but we love bacon/blue cheese, green chile cheddar, goat cheese/basil/sun-dried tomatoes, you get the idea. Cooking the mushroom cap is just like cooking a burger or a steak, using the "touch-test" is the best way to tell when they're done. While you can't really overcook these, the more you cook them the more flimsy they'll get. You want to keep some structure to the cap so we recommend two minutes per side.


Whole Portobello Mushrooms

Olive Oil

Original All-Purpose Slavo Salt

Fixin's (your choice)


1. Clean your shrooms - carefully remove the stem by popping it out without breaking the cap of the mushroom. Next, using a spoon carefully scoop out the black gills inside the cap and discard them. With a damp paper towel remove any dirt or leftover gill from the top and bottom of the cap.

2. Lightly rub olive oil all over the mushroom caps and season generously with OG Slavo Salt. A lot of the seasoning will fall off when you put the caps on the grill so don't be shy.

3. Fixin's - you'll want to have all of you ingredients prepped and ready to go before you put the 'shrooms on the grill since they don't take long to cook

4. Time to grill! Get your grill nice and hot before putting on the shrooms. First cook them with the cap side down (the side the stem  on). Cook for approx. 2 minutes. Flip over and fill the cap with your fixin's. The caps serves as a little bowl to keep everything from running out when melted. At this point, you want to close the lid on the grill so the heat will melt ingredients as as quickly as possible (about 2 minutes to cook through).