​Slavo’s Garlic Sweet Potatoes

This recipe calls for white sweet potatoes (sometimes called Japanese Sweet potatoes). They have a white coloring as opposed to the orange flesh of American Yams. White Sweet Potatoes have a wonderfully balanced sweet flavor but not the maple-syrupy sweetness of a traditional yam. This recipe of garlic salt and white sweet potatoes produces a great salty sweet combo.


4 white sweet potatoes peeled and cut into 1in chunks

½ stick unsalted butter

1/4 cup of milk (reserve extra as you may want to add more for a looser consistency)

1 tbl Slavo Salt Pure Garlic (you may want more depending on how garlicky you like your potatoes)


Cut potatoes into 1in chunks. Boil in unsalted COLD water (just enough to cover the potatoes in a pot with 1in above)After boiling for 15 minutes, pierce a potato chunk with a sharp knife if the potato falls off easily they are done (depending on stove, times will vary). Strain water out and add butter, milk and Slavo Salt Pure Garlic.

Using a hand mixer, blend on high until smooth and add additional milk if needed

Add more seasoning if necessary and enjoy!!