Slavo’s 5 Tips for Your Campfire Cookout

We love the outdoors - especially camping! There are basically two types of camping, car-camping (where you are close to your vehicle and can totally over-pack like you’re ready for the apocalypse) and backpacking (the real-deal where you carry in and out everything you’ll need to survive). For the most part, we prefer car camping because it allows you to bring more cooking and food supplies along (you know we are all about the food, and there is no reason to have a bad meal just because you’re camping). There are a few critical pieces of equipment that are needed for a great car-camping kitchen and we’re here to help with the following tips to make your next outdoor adventure a little more delicious.

Slavo’s 5 Tips for Your Campfire Cookout

1. A good ice chest –the duration of the trip and climate you’ll be camping in will make a big difference in the type/quality of cooler you’ll need. Living in Arizona we need a pretty heavy-duty ice chest regardless of duration. We like the Cordova coolers. They are made in the USA, are well-constructed to take a beating and less expensive than those other well known rolled-foam coolers. Be sure you have enough ice for the trip, consider bringing an additional cooler for just ice (nobody likes a hot end-of-the-day cocktail!), and throw some dry ice in there to ensure your backup stays frozen.

2. The Grill – there’s nothing better than grilling over an open wood burning fire! This does require a little practice because if the fire is too intense you could end up eating charred hockey pucks. We use a Stansport Heavy Duty Grill, it is made of heavy-duty steal that can withstand a really hot fire and has enough room to put steaks on for your neighbors as well! Make sure the area you are camping in allows campfires and that your fire ring won’t spread. Also, make sure you know how to put out your fire when you’re done or leaving camp. Pour available water over the coals, bury them using a shovel and then dowse again with water.

3. Cast Iron Cookware – you should have this regardless if you go camping or not! There’s a reason cast iron has been used for so long, they last forever and, when taken care of properly, there’s no better cookware. I like a 10” frypan. It’s big enough to load up with a dozen eggs, hash browns or veggies to accompany dinner (also makes a damn good grilled cheese). They’re heavy so unless you’re a serious badass I wouldn’t take one backpacking. Also, bring along a little squirt bottle of oil as well, (we use grapeseed oil for almost all of our cooking). A trick to make sure your car/backpack doesn’t end up covered in oil is to remove the cap and then cover the opening with plastic wrap, then put the cap back on.

4. Tongs & Hotpads/Heavy Leather Gloves – this is a common oversight! You’re going to be handling a screaming hot cast iron pan or pulling items off over an open fire and you need to protect yourself as much as possible. A burn in the middle of nowhere is not fun at all, right up there with an ax in the foot (ask Slavo about this sometime!)

5. SLAVO SALT – no matter what you’re cooking it is going to need some seasoning. Original All-Purpose Slavo Salt covers all your meals in just 1 bottle. If you’re backpacking or don’t have enough room try our 1oz packets (they’re also great to keep in your bag in case your Bloody Mary at brunch needs a little pick-me-up!).