​Slavo’s Summer Corn on the Cob

It's corn season! I LOVE summer corn - on the grill with just a little olive oil and original Slavo Salt. But, if you want to kick up your corn game a little, here's my recipe that's based on the traditional Mexican dish Elotes. For those who prefer ‘off the cob’, you can mix all ingredients together in a bowl and serve (this also makes a great 4th of July BBQ side dish....just sayin')


4 ears Fresh Sweet Corn
2Tbl Olive Oil
3Tbl Mayonaise or Crema Mexicana
1/4c Cotija Cheese - crumbled
2Tbl Chili Powder
Slavo Salt


1. Clean corn by removing husk and all fine "hairs".
2. Pour olive oil into your hand and rub all over the cobs coating well but not excessively. You don't want oil dripping off the cobs as this will cause flare ups on the grill.
3. Season each ear with Slavo Salt. We use a pretty heavy hand – just season to taste.
4. Place cobs on a preheated grill on high heat. Allow them to begin to blacken on some kernels, rotating occasionally. Should only take about 6-8 minutes total.
5. Remove cobs from grill and allow to cool for a minute or so.
6. Using a pastry brush or your hands, slather the mayo/crema onto each cob. You should be able to see the corn through the mixture - it shouldn't look like an ice-cream cone!
7. Roll each ear in the crumbled Cotija cheese, if you haven’t noticed, we love cheese and use a good amount, but this is again to your taste.
8. Season each cob with Spicy Slavo Salt
9. Serve with wedges of lime and enjoy!