Slavo's Brussels Sprouts

I always loved brussels sprouts growing up and as an adult found that it was a vegetable that many people couldn’t stand.The easiest way to get someone to like something is to mix it with bacon.This recipe has literally turned people who said they hated brussels sprouts into brussels fanatics.

4 slices bacon cut into ¼ inch strips

½ yellow onion small diced

1 lb brussels sprouts quartered (when prepping brussels you should always cut off the base as it can dry and get ‘woody’)

All Purpose Slavo Salt

½ cup chicken stock

1 tablespoon butter (optional)


First in a large skilled over medium high heat add bacon and cook for 3-4 minutes

Once the bacon starts to render add onions

Continue cooking until onions are translucent. Turn heat to high.

Add in brussels sprouts and continue cooking for about 5 minutes

Add in chicken stock and butter optional

Cook stock down to almost fully evaporated

Remove from heat season with Slavo Salt to taste.

Add shaved or shredded parmesan or manchego cheese