Pure Garlic Slavo Salt 6oz

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The secret to the magic of Slavo’s Garlic Salt is in its simplicity.  Consisting of fresh garlic and Kosher Salt, this all-natural, artisan blend packs a powerful punch of flavor.   This handcrafted seasoning is perfect for garlic breads, burgers, salads, fries and any recipe calling for garlic and salt.  If you love garlic, Slavo’s Garlic Salt is a must-have for your spice cabinet.

Ingredients: Fresh Garlic, Kosher Salt


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7 Reviews

Devon Pollard May 18th 2020

Garlic Salt

This is by far THE BEST garlic salt I’ve ever used. I am an Italian cook and I know good garlic. I use nothing else!

Jeff D. May 13th 2019

Pure Garlic Salt

Bought this while I was in Chandler. Didn't use it till I got back to Northern Illinois. This stuff is amazing! Can't wait to try the others. Will definitely use nothing but Slavo from here on out!

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