Pure Garlic Slavo Salt 6oz


The secret to the magic of Slavo’s Garlic Salt is in its simplicity. This blend contains just two ingredients; Kosher Salt and garlic. And if you love garlic, this is an essential addition to your spice cabinet! This all-natural, artisan seasoning packs a flavorful punch that adds complexity to even the simplest dish. 

Ingredients: Fresh Garlic, Kosher Salt

Try in on: popcorn, eggs, seafood, fries, garlic breads, salads

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Deb Dec 7th 2022

Delicious Seasonings

I discovered this vender's product about 5 years ago at a farmer's market in Phoenix area. I live in Tucson and have been ordering it ever since! great on anything, I use the Garlic Salt, and also the spicy seasoning. Yumm!

Derek Keller Oct 24th 2022

Must add!! Garlic Salt is the bomb!!

I have been using Slavo salt on everything from eggs, vegetable, elk and cow steaks. Must add, incredible flavor profile. Just order 3 more bottles of the garlic salt.

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