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NEW Slavo Seasoning 6 oz Trio (Original, Garlic and Spicy) – $25.00  


13 oz Large Original Slavo All-Purpose Seasoning – $12.00
Try Slavo All-Purpose Seasoning once and you’ll be putting it on everything! Made with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients without additives or preservatives, this gourmet seasoning enhances the flavor of any dish.  Use it on meat, fish, eggs, veggies, popcorn and even Bloody Marys!


6 oz Small  Original Slavo All-Purpose Seasoning  – $9.00
Just a smaller version of the original but still packs all the delicious flavor of Slavo All-Purpose Seasoning.


 NEW 6 oz Spicy Slavo Salt  - $9.00
Some like it hot – and if you do, Slavo Spicy Seasoning is for you. Add a little kick to your meal with this bold blend of spices including fresh garlic, kosher salt, cayenne, chipotle, smoked paprika and chiles.  Slavo’s all-natural, spicy seasoning is perfect on chicken, fish, vegetables, mangos, melons, pizza, fries – anything that needs a little heat. 


 NEW 6 oz Pure Garlic Salt - $9.00
The secret to the magic of Slavo’s Garlic Salt is in its simplicity.  Consisting of fresh garlic and Kosher Salt, this all-natural, artisan blend packs a powerful punch of flavor.   This handcrafted seasoning is perfect for garlic breads, burgers, salads, fries and any recipe calling for garlic and salt.  If you love garlic, Slavo’s Garlic Salt is a must-have for your spice cabinet.


Slavo Salt Black Men’s/Women’s Next Level T-Shirt – $18.00 


Slavo Salt Black Drink Koozie – $3.99