Why we only use Kosher Salt

People often ask us why we only use Kosher Salt in our seasonings. When it comes to Slavo Salt Seasonings, the large crystal of Kosher Salt bonds to the fresh garlic producing the coarse consistency that makes our seasonings unique. Kosher salt comes from land salt mines and, unlike table salt, it is less processed and is free of additives. And, best of all, Kosher Salt milder, cleaner and less ‘salty’ than table salt. Kosher salt is perfect for bringing out the natural flavor in many foods and dishes. Without salt, the overall taste of many foods would be bland and boring. In our opinion the most common mistake made in the kitchen is under-seasoning! It’s true you can’t take it out after you add it to your food but don’t be so afraid that you just resign to getting blah food! Remember, you’re probably going to have another meal in a few hours, so you’ll have a chance to try again. Cooking is all about trial and error, even trained chefs make mistakes all the time. So don’t beat yourself up, if you’re not making mistakes you’re not going to get better. Happy cooking my friends!